Internet Marketing is no longer an optional channel for any business. Marketers are increasingly shifting their advertising budgets from traditional advertising methods (TV, Billboards) to Online Marketing. Online advertising allow the most efficient use of marketing budget, you target people who are really interested in your product/service, you get instant result and you can easily measure the ROI from your campaign. 

Xlab Software is a trusted Internet Marketing partner

Xlab Software is one of the leading
Internet Marketing Companies
in the Middle East. Google Partner Certified. Xlab has an extended experience in planning, designing and running digital advertising and online marketing campaigns. We simply spend your budget in the most optimized way to achieve the best results. ROI is our edge.

Meet one of the Google Partners in Egypt

Xlab Software is a certified Google partner in Egypt, actually one of the few companies eligible to Google Partnership program in Alexandria and Egypt as a whole. What does Google Partner title means ? It means that Google trusts our team to deliver online marketing services, and that our online advertising team is certified, our practices are updated and our portfolio is rich.

Get the best ROI for your online advertising budgets

By choosing Xlab Software as your online advertising agency, you’ll have all the tools you need to monitor your own campaign and get real-time insights into your online campaign results. You’ll also have a dedicated team taking care of your business and providing continuous support and consultancy all the way. This way you make sure your online marketing budget is in safe hands and you can assure the most optimized spending for your each dollar you spend.

  • Google adwords campaigns
  • Social Media Management & advertising
  • Landing Page Design
  • Google Search Advertising
  • Facebook Pages Management
  • E-mail & SMS Marketing
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  •   500 USD worth  Google Adwords  campaign
  •   500 USD worth  Facebook  Advertising
  • Sales Leads  Management  Tool
  • Facebook Page  creation and redesign

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