About the Opportunity

As part of Xlab Group social responsibility, Xlab Software company offers summer internship for students of selected institutes. The internship period typically spans 2 full months of practical training where interns are paid off end of each month based on working hours and evaluation. Xlab Software guarantees an exciting training experience and engagement in real-life projects for maximum value.

Post requirements

Applicant for the internship opportunity MUST :

    1. Be a graduate of 2014 OR 2015 ( last 2 years students )
    2. Be a student in one of the following institutes :
      Alexandria University – Faculty Of Engineering – Computer and Systems Engineering Department
      Alexandria University – Faculty Of Commerce – CIS Department
      – AAST – College Of Management and Technology – E-Commerce Major
    3.  Have basic understanding of basics of PHP/Java/.NET depending on the opportunity being addressed
    4. and Database Administration ( MySQL/SQLServer … ) basics
    5. Commit to a minimum working hours from office as well as from home
    6. Commit to company policy and regulations during presence in office
    7. Sign NDA against all the company information exposed during the internship period
    8. NOT have been enrolled in any internship programs in Xlab Software earlier
    9. Pass necessary Technical/HR interviews before acceptance
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