Ship Certificate Management System

Shipping Certificate Management System

Shipping Certificate Management System makes ship owners and operators responsible for following up the certifications of their vessels, crews and class items. SCMS allows creating a predefined various types of ship certificates and relating it with each Ship as default schema of certifications to produce the alerts of renewals or inspections’ due dates with predefined specific multi reminders. Also Vessel has a standard schema for the crew positions working on and assigned the crew member, so the system automatically can alert all positions have shortages.

Key Features

  • SCMS Is a web application
    it can be used local for a company or global outside the company.
  • Security
    Fully secure upon user privilege.
  • Non limited number of certifications
    for vessels, crews and Class Items.
  • Creating job and certifications schema
    for each vessel
  • Assigning crews
    for each vessel
  • Automatic alerting
    for each certification upon the operator setting
  • Specified or range of period
    Option of giving a specified or range of period for each certificate alerts
  • Multi alert attaches
    Supporting multi alert attaches for each certification alert
  • Attaching the certificate scanned copy
    Allow attaching the certificate scanned copy.
  • Coloring alerts upon its gravity
    Red for critical status, Orange for warning status, Black for normal mode
  • Fully reporting system
    – Vessels certificates schemas
    – Vessels crews position schema
    – Vessels crews shortage
    – Vessels validity status “which contains vessels, crews and class items certification validity”
    – Periodic alerts report